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Dr. Kenneth Fine: Singing and Songwriting for Health

I have been a singer-songwriter/guitar player for many years. In early 2002 I recorded 25 of my original songs in a recording studio with professional studio musicians. I have just released 3 more CD's. These are all available on my music website, which you can peruse to read the stories behind my song lyrics, and hear song clips at

After much thought and prayer about how I should incorporate more music into my life and how to share my music with the public, I have decided to let my musical creativity join my medical professional mission in the sense of working to serve the public. Therefore, proceeds from any CD sales will serve to raise money for not only my own not-for-profit organization, The Intestinal Health Institute, but also for other non-profit service organizations as well. I am starting this by helping North America's gluten sensitivity support organizations and their local support groups. I have contacted many group leaders around the country to initiate this. I will be working similarly with a number of other charitable organizations and foundations in the coming months and years. Musical performances as benefit shows with music recording artists are also being planned. I am currently working to put together a group of professional musicians willing to work in a spiritual light, sharing their God given musical gift with the world for a healthy cause.

I have directly used music for public health and education with a musical curriculum for children's health and nutrition in a program called "Get on a Mission of Nutrition". Please see for more information.

Although I will be bringing my musical hobby to the public in a service mode, my professional health work, i.e., heading the Intestinal Health Institute and EnteroLab laboratory, public speaking, and doing medical research and scientific publishing, will continue unabated.

I am grateful to have many such opportunities to help the public achieve optimal health. I am here in service, and want as many people as possible to enjoy the wonderful health that I, and hopefully you, have experienced since adopting a health-oriented lifestyle. Part of this health is to pursue your dreams as I have been privileged to pursue mine. To be happy is to be healthy. Want it and go for it! I am here working For Your Health, Happiness, and Hope!

Always yours,
Dr. Ken

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Dr. Fine: Singing and Songwriting for Health

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