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Personal Statement of Dr. Kenneth Fine

It was not long into my medical school studies that my greatest interest focused on intestinal physiology, nutrition, and diseases of altered intestinal immunological function. I began formal studies of these areas during my post-graduate training, and in 1992 I began my career as a full time intestinal researcher.

Curriculum vitae

In addition to developing new and innovative diagnostic tests for patients with chronic diarrheal disease, I have developed a focused interest and expertise in two syndromes: gluten-sensitive enteropathy (also called celiac sprue) and microscopic colitis. The most rewarding part of developing clinical expertise of diseases through medical research has been the opportunity to serve patients and support groups of patients with these diseases as an advisor and as a clinician. It is these rewards of public service, combined with the public health implications of the findings of my research, that I am starting Finer Health and Nutrition. The mission of this service is to improve the intestinal and overall health and nutrition of as many people as possible.

I have maintained a regular physical fitness regimen and live what I consider to be a healthy, spiritual life style. I am a believer in the necessity of maintaining not only physical wellness, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. Such an approach is generally regarded as holistic health maintenance. ("Holistic" is defined in the dictionary as: "dealing with wholes or integrated systems rather than with their parts".) The personal rewards I have experienced from this approach to life, combined with my interest and experience in the field of nutrition, have led me to bring all of my professional and personal experience and knowledge to the public in the spirit of public service. I have done the same with the testing methods for gluten and other food sensitivity, intestinal malabsorption, colitis, and other intestinal disorders I have developed in my research. If you need such testing, these serivices can be ordered on line from my laboratory (Click Here to go to website).

To all I wish you Finer Health and Nutrition!

Yours truly,

Kenneth D. Fine, M.D.

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